Social Terms

The nature of social networks involves sharing. By agreeing to our Social Terms, you are consenting to share information about you to others, including what you have watched on our service. Sharing this information will allow you to take advantage of various social features on Gotta Salsa. If you do not want information about you to be shared, including information about your viewing activity, you should not use our social features or agree to these terms.

Please note that these Social Terms include embedded hyperlinks that may only be accessed through our website, so if you are reviewing these Social Terms through any medium besides our website, you may need to visit the website to review these additional hyperlinked terms.

By agreeing to these Social Terms, you confirm that you understand and have consented to the following:

Sharing with users of Gotta Salsa

What you watch and other activity will be automatically shared on Gotta Salsa to other users of Gotta Salsa. This includes your past as well as future Gotta Salsa activity, such as viewing history and ratings. If you choose to connect your Facebook and Gotta Salsa accounts and enable sharing, all of your Facebook friends may be able to see your Gotta Salsa activity when they use Gotta Salsa, regardless of your Facebook privacy settings.

Gotta Salsa users and your Facebook friends will see recommendations of titles to watch on Gotta Salsa. These recommendations may be based on your Gotta Salsa activity, including what you have watched or rated. You’ll also see similar information about other Gotta Salsa users and your Facebook friends. These recommendations may be displayed in various portions of the Gotta Salsa user interface, such as in rows of titles showing users’ names and profile pictures. The exact manner and extent of information shared through our social feature may change from time to time and vary depending on devices used.

Facebook Posting and Sharing on other Social Networks

When you sign up to share on Gotta Salsa, we don’t post (i.e., share) your activity to Facebook unless you instruct us to do so. The sharing that takes place happens within Gotta Salsa. You can, however, post to Facebook in a number of ways. For example, as you use Gotta Salsa, you may also be offered the opportunity to post to Facebook on a case-by-case basis. If you decide to share on Facebook, by default your activity will be shared with all of your Facebook friends and may also be shared within Gotta Salsa.

While using the Gotta Salsa service, you may also have the opportunity to share an individual video on a case-by-case basis to various other social networks and/or on Gotta Salsa. The individual video you elect to share, and any comments you make, will be posted to the places/networks indicated through the user interface at the time you chose to share. Videos and other info shared to social networks may also be shared within Gotta Salsa.

If you enable sharing to Facebook from your Gotta Salsa account, viewing and other activity of anyone using your Gotta Salsa account will be posted automatically to the Facebook account connected to your Gotta Salsa account, regardless of whether that activity was performed by that Facebook account holder or not.

Sharing controls

You can maintain control over how and when you share your Gotta Salsa activity. The exact manner and location for controlling how and when you share your Gotta Salsa activity may change from time to time and will vary depending upon devices used.

Ongoing Sharing

If Gotta Salsa has enabled ongoing sharing for your account, you may elect to turn off ongoing sharing by clicking on the “My Profile” link, selecting “Settings,” and then toggling the share button to off for Gotta Salsa and/or the appropriate social network. Please note that even if you turn off ongoing sharing, you may still be able to choose to share an individual title on a case-by-case basis.

Information Gotta Salsa uses from Facebook

When you connect your Gotta Salsa account to Facebook, Gotta Salsa may import, use, and retain your basic information, which includes your name and profile picture as well as your e-mail address, list of friends, and may also include your Likes and Interests as well as information you make public on Facebook. As part of connecting your Gotta Salsa account to Facebook, we may also use other information regarding Facebook to improve the Gotta Salsa experience, such as disclosing within Gotta Salsa your name and profile picture to your friends. If you connect as part of signing up for Gotta Salsa, we will use information from Facebook to create your Gotta Salsa account.

If you agree to share your activity with your friends, we will use and disclose information we get from Facebook to better personalize and improve the Gotta Salsa experience for your friends. For example, we may use your name and profile picture to show your friends which videos you have watched or rated. You will also be able to see similar information on about your connected friends who have agreed to share on Gotta Salsa. We will also use other information regarding Facebook to improve the Gotta Salsa experience. For example, if you have agreed to share a title to Facebook, we may include that title in rows such as “Popular on Facebook.”

For more information on our privacy practices, see our Privacy Policy.