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Kick Ball Change thumbnail

A Kick Ball Change is common in many dances. Salsa is no different. Watch the salsa video lesson for some good tips from David Stein on how to do the step well. »

Quarter Beats image

Quarter Beats is a slower salsa step that helps you take advantage of the music. This step will also help you move your arms, shoulders, and hips. Check out this video salsa lesson for a really helpful exercise. Instruction by David Stein of Majesty in Motion. »

Floating lesson

This step will get you moving around the floor a little bit. The step is smooth and stylish and allows you to bring your own flavor. It's just one of those steps that is fairly simple, but looks great when it's done well. Check out the salsa video lesson and see for yourself. »

Four Corners lesson image

This salsa step has a jazzy style and can be used in many types of dance. The step is fun and fast when put to music, so check it out. Salsa video lesson with Majesty in Motion. »

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