Cha Cha

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Super Sexy Fancy Left Turn thumbnail

This video Cha Cha lesson by Serena Cuevas demonstrates a basic Cha Cha left turn, but with some great ladies styling. This is an intermediate lesson, but anyone can learn some good Cha Cha techniques from this video. »

Syncopated Crossovers image

This cha cha video lesson will help you learn a fast and flashy step to add to your cha cha footwork. With the syncopated steps, this footwork is fast, but David Stein of Majesty in Motion will break it down and make it easy to learn. Take your cha cha to the next level with this video lesson. »

Taps and Flares image

This salsa lesson, with a slow motion version at the end, will help you jazz up your basic Cha Cha step. David Stein will give you some tips and techniques to help you make the step look as good and smooth. Check out this salsa video. »

Cha Cha Toe Heel Swivels image

This cha cha shine will help you move your feet and swivel your hips. Taken from a similar salsa step, this cha cha footwork will really help you understand how to keep your cha cha timing and move your body. David Stein will give you some tips on body styling as well. »

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