Cha Cha

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Cha Cha Kick Ball Changes video lesson

This video lesson will show you a very simple cha cha step to help you add some variety to your dancing. While this step is simple, it's a great way to keep your feet moving while changing up your basic step. Check out David Stein's demonstration to music for a great example of how to take a simple step and make it look good. »

Cha Cha Flares video lesson

Check out David Stein of Majesty in Motion as he breaks down this cool Cha Cha step in this video lesson. David spends time not only teaching the step, but providing some great pointers for your dancing. Also, be sure to watch the slow motion version of the lesson at the end of the video. »

Suzie Q Variations lesson thumbnail

Here's another variation to the cha cha Suzie Q step that will help you add even more variety to your cha cha footwork. David Stein will break down the counts to this cha cha step and help you make your cha cha look great. Don't miss this video lesson for a simple way to improve your cha cha. Also, check out the slow motion section at the end of the video. »

Lock Step lesson

Serena Cuevas of Deseo Dance Company gives us this Cha Cha dance lesson. This basic Cha Cha video lesson demonstrates some nice styling and technique for your Cha Cha. While Serena shows us some ladies styling, this Cha Cha lesson can be used by both leads and follows. »

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