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Learn Heel Toe Crossovers

Jennifer and David Stein demonstrate a salsa shine called Heel Toe Crossovers. In this video, you can learn the men's and ladies' technique, which are slightly different. The step is fairly fast, but relatively easy and works great on the dance floor. »

Learn the Hammerlock Rewind Combo

This is a really cool combo with great tips for the lead and follow. The Hammerlock Rewind Combo demonstrates lead and follow turns, hand flick, around-the-world variation, and hammerlock. David also gives some good pointers about properly leading a hammerlock without hurting the follow's arm. »

We Are The World

Learn some advanced salsa steps with this new lesson that uses several behind-the-head arm tricks and turns. The lead with use the follower's momentum through a series of cross body leads, hook steps and turns. »

Ladies Hand Placement

What do you do with your hands? Jennifer Stein will give the ladies some pointers to placing your hands and looking good while dancing with a partner. »

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