David Stein

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Leader Basic Salsa Steps thumbnail

OK leaders!!!! This is it! This salsa video should be the very first salsa lesson. This video will break down the most basic salsa dancing step for the leaders. David Stein will help you understand the basic steps and how to count. So get started with some salsa dancing! »

Leader Left Turn lesson

This salsa lesson will teach you one of the most basic salsa turns, but it will be used in nearly every salsa dance. David Stein of Majesty in Motion will give you some good tips on the footwork, timing, and styling. This video lesson is part of the beginner salsa series and help you to start dancing salsa right away. Don't miss this lesson. »

Leader Right Turn lesson

This salsa video lesson breaks down the leader's basic right turn. This is a fundamental salsa step and will be used in a variety of salsa moves as you become an experienced salsa dancer. »

Lead and Follow Connection lesson

A big part of salsa dancing is about communicating with your partner and playing off one another. In order to communicate while the music is playing, you have to be "connected". This connection is what makes it possible to lead and follow your partner, making it appear that certain moves were planned, when they weren't. In this video, David and Jennifer Stein of Majesty in Motion will show you som... »

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