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Learn the Copa Check Check salsa step

The Copa salsa step can be difficult to lead and difficult to follow. Jennifer and David Stein will break this intermediate pattern down to help you understand the connection and compression you need to make this move work. »

Ladies Turning and Styling Lesson

In this week’s salsa lesson, Jennifer Stein walks the ladies through some common left and right salsa turns and provides some great styling tips. »

Learn Heel Toe Crossovers

Jennifer and David Stein demonstrate a salsa shine called Heel Toe Crossovers. In this video, you can learn the men's and ladies' technique, which are slightly different. The step is fairly fast, but relatively easy and works great on the dance floor. »

Turn and Bump Salsa Lesson

A new salsa lesson: the Turn and Bump. This salsa pattern is pretty easy to pick up and uses lead and follow turns, check turns, an arm-bump and ladies' free spin. It's a nice salsa combo. Check it out. »

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