David Stein

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Learn the Hammerlock Walk Around Combo

Learn this salsa combo from Jennifer and David Stein that uses two walk-around moves and a behind-the-back-turn. »

Bounce Turn Combo

This intermediate salsa pattern uses some cool lead and follow turns with an arm loop and a hand bounce. This is a great combo to use in the salsa club. »

We Are The World

Learn some advanced salsa steps with this new lesson that uses several behind-the-head arm tricks and turns. The lead with use the follower's momentum through a series of cross body leads, hook steps and turns. »

Learn the Hammerlock Rewind Combo

This is a really cool combo with great tips for the lead and follow. The Hammerlock Rewind Combo demonstrates lead and follow turns, hand flick, around-the-world variation, and hammerlock. David also gives some good pointers about properly leading a hammerlock without hurting the follow's arm. »

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