Serena Cuevas

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Chase Turns with a Tap lesson image

Serena Cuevas brings us this Cha Cha lesson that incorporates a quick tap into a basic Cha Cha turn. But of course, Serena demonstrates some excellent ladies dance styling techniques as well. For the leads, you can skip some ladies styling (if you want), but still use this lesson to help improve your Cha Cha footwork. »

Super Sexy Fancy Left Turn thumbnail

This video Cha Cha lesson by Serena Cuevas demonstrates a basic Cha Cha left turn, but with some great ladies styling. This is an intermediate lesson, but anyone can learn some good Cha Cha techniques from this video. »

Street Cha Cha Time Step lesson image

Serena Cuevas shows an Intermediate Cha Cha lesson that incorporates a Cha Cha time step and a lock step. This is a great video lesson for learning a Cha Cha step along with some sexy ladies styling. Also, be sure to watch the slow motion version of Serena's Cha Cha at the end of the lesson. »

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