David Stein

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Right Side Pass with Ladies Left Turn image

This video is part of our beginner salsa lesson series and is a little different than most of the basic salsa lessons: the lead will step back with the left foot, then bring the follow across with a turn on the leader's right side. This is a beginner salsa step, but a bit more difficult than some of the others. »

She Turns He Turns lesson thumbnail

Another salsa video lesson from the beginner series, these salsa turns are fundamental for both the lead and the follow. This lesson will teach timing, connection, balance, and turns. »

Front Double Tap On 1 lesson thumbnail

In this video lesson, you'll learn a quick salsa footwork step that you can use with a variety of shines. This step is fast and flashy for a beginner step. David Stein will break down the front double tap so you can start using it right away on the dance floor. »

Hook Flick On 1 lesson thumbnail

David Stein of Majesty in Motion will demonstrate a really cool salsa footwork step called the Hook Flick. This on1 video lesson will also show your a few variations to the step. This salsa step is a fun, cool, and simple salsa step to learn. »

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