David Stein

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Two Turn Combo with Hair Comb video lesson

This beginner salsa lesson uses two different turns with a bit of salsa styling. The first turn uses a hand switch; the second is a two hand turn. Finally, we get into a little bit of salsa styling at the end. »

Suzie Q On 1 lesson image

David Stein teaches you the most famous salsa step in the world! This salsa video will demonstrate the basic Suzie Q step that you will use in so many ways in your salsa dancing. David also provides some additional techniques to make the dance step look better with hip rotation. If you want to dance salsa, you need to learn this step. »

Fancy Hand Tricks and Hair Combs lesson thumbnail

This salsa lesson is about making simple salsa steps look fancy. In this video, David Stein and Jennifer Stein will demonstrate some techniques for using some hand flicks and tricks to make your dancing look a lot more advanced than just the basic steps. »

Around the World Hand Flicks thumbnail

David Stein and Jennifer Stein of Majesty in Motion Salsa Dance Company demonstrate a cool salsa lesson with a variety of moves and styling. This lesson is an intermediate salsa pattern, but anyone can learn some good salsa techniques from watching the video. And don't miss the slow motion clip at the end of the lesson. »

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