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Lead and Follow Basic Salsa Steps video lesson

Now it's time to start using your basic salsa steps while dancing with a partner. In this lesson, David Stein and Jennifer Stein of Majesty in Motion will show you a combination of basic salsa steps and how to lead and follow them with your partner. Check out this video lesson for some good beginner tips and techniques that will help you get start salsa dancing right away. »

Lead and Follow Left Turn lesson thumbnail

There are many different styles of turns in salsa. This video lesson will show you two basic turns for the lead and follow. David and Jennifer Stein break down some of the basic concepts in salsa turns. This lesson will also provide you with some good pointers for timing in your salsa steps. »

Cross Body Lead image

If you don't want to look like an absolute beginner while you dance with a partner, you have to learn the cross body lead. In this salsa video lesson, you'll learn the timing and styling for important partner dance step. In this video, David and Jennifer Stein will give you some great tips and make it easy for you to learn the step and start dancing. »

Cross Body Lead with Ladies Right Turn lesson thumbnail

Here we'll expand on the cross body lead and add a simple left turn for the ladies. Jennifer will show the follows some good tips on how to step through the turn. »

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