Jennifer Stein

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Cross Body Lead with Ladies Left Turn lesson

Now it's time to add to your cross body lead with a simple left turn. This lesson will teach you how to lead the turn and give you the technique you need to do it well. Jennifer will show the follows some important techniques on how to step through the turn and make it look good. This lesson is part of our beginner salsa series and an important one if you want to dance with a partner. »

Follower Right Axle Turn video lesson

Part of our beginner salsa series, Jennifer Stein will demonstrate a Right Axle Turn for the followers in this salsa lesson. This is an important turn to learn and will be used in almost all of your dances with your partner. Jennifer Stein will give you some good tips to help you easily master this step. If you're learning to dance salsa, do not skip this lesson. »

Follower Left Axle Turn image

The follower's left axle turn is an advanced-beginner salsa step. In this salsa lesson, Jennifer Stein of Majesty in Motion Dance Company will break down body position, ladies styling, balance, and spotting. Check out this salsa video, part of our beginner salsa series. »

Right Side Pass with Ladies Left Turn image

This video is part of our beginner salsa lesson series and is a little different than most of the basic salsa lessons: the lead will step back with the left foot, then bring the follow across with a turn on the leader's right side. This is a beginner salsa step, but a bit more difficult than some of the others. »

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