Salsa On2

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Toe Tap lesson image

Toe Tap! This salsa lesson demonstrates a fairly simple salsa move, but requires a lot of salsa styling to make it look good. Though it's simple, this is an intermediate salsa video. Check our David Stein's demonstration to find out why. »

Hook Flick lesson image

The Hook Flick is a really cool step in salsa. You can use this step to make your shines look really good. Check out the video and get some great tips from David Stein on how to make this look good. »

Heel Toe Swivel lesson thumbnail

This salsa step uses quick heel and toe placement while using the hips to swivel in place. This is a great intermediate salsa move. »

Kid n Play lesson image

Another old school dance move. This one is the Kid n Play. This intermediate salsa step will help you get more creative with the music and move in ways you might not have thought of in salsa. Check out the funky video lesson from David Stein of Majesty in Motion. »

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