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Suzie Q Plus thumbnail

This is a very famous salsa step called the Suzie Q Plus. It's based on the Suzie Q, but adds additional counts and movements to the step. This is a great step that breaks up the usual Suzie Q timing. Check out the salsa lesson. »

Right Axle Turn lesson thumbnail

This turn will help improve the quickness of your turns (along with the Left Axle Turn). David Stein provides some great tips in this lesson for incorporating this turn into your salsa dancing. »

Suzie Q Side Tap lesson thumbnail

This step may seem simple because it's just adding a side tap to a Suzie Q. However, this step can be very quick, especially with up-temp music. This is a really fun step and easy to remember on the dance floor. Check out this video lesson and David Stein's unique style. »

Basic Right Turn lesson

This salsa video demonstrates a basic right salsa turn by David Stein of Majesty in Motion Dance Company. »

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