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Turn Combos lesson

This video lesson demonstrates back-to-back salsa turn combinations. It's a good way to learn and practice all of your turns while also building turn patterns. Instructor: David Stein of Majesty in Motion. »

Heel Toe thumbnail

The Heel Toe Step is used in many intermediate and advanced salsa footwork performances. Watch the video to learn the basics of the step from someone with great style and quick feet. »

Push Around video lesson

The Push Around might seem simple, but when combined with up-temp movement and the Afro-Cuban flare, the step can be a bit more challenging. But if done well, it looks great on the floor and people will take notice. Check out David Stein's instruction and style in this salsa video. »

Step Back video lesson

Step Back is a great salsa step, especially when combined with Step Up. Step Back uses a Suzie Q type motion while traveling backwards. This is a great move for creating some distance from your partner so you have room for some other fancy moves. Check out the video dance lesson. »

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